Sleep Surveys – The Continuous Initiative of Simmons®

Better Sleep Through Science.™ has been the working philosophy of Simmons® since 1925. Committed to helping people obtain quality sleep, we invest in sleep research and view it as essential input into product innovation and development. Recognizing that different societies sleep differently, we commission sleep research in local markets to better understand the needs of consumers. This is an ongoing initiative in Hong Kong and all markets where Simmons® operates.

In 2002 and 2003, we commissioned the Public Opinion Programme (POP) at The University of Hong Kong to conduct two sleep surveys targeting the PMEBs (Professionals, Mangers, Executives and Businessmen) and working population respectively. From the surveys, the following alarming results were revealed:

  Over 90% showed signs of excessive sleepiness (94% of PMEBs and 92% of Working Population)
  More than 50% were not able to obtain uninterrupted sleep. (53% of PMEBs and 61% of Working Population)
  Over 60% never tried to improve their sleep quality. (61% of PMWBs and 67% of Working Population)

We are deeply concerned about the findings. With the passion of helping people sleep better, we believe it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to improve the sleep quality of the population.

For details about the surveys, please visit:

  The Sleep Quality and Quantity of PMEB in Hong Kong - April 2002 (Chinese only). For Chinese/English press release, click here.
  Survey on the Sleep Quality and Quantity of Hong Kong's Working Population - June 2003 (Chinese only). For English press release, click here