Contour Adjustable Bed


  Contour Adjustable Bed
The Beautyrest® Contour Adjustable Bed offers a perfect mix of contemporary design and personalized comfort. Manufactured to promote healthier living with a 3-level massage function, the bed allows you to adjust the height of both the head and feet, helping you to relax and unwind after a long day at work. The bed also lets you control all functions easily with the touch of a button, so you can enjoy maximum relaxation right at your fingertips.
  Product Features:
- Head and Foot Controls: Raise the head or foot to suit your sleep needs and comfort preferences.
- Zero G Preset Position: With just one touch, the bed will place your body in a stress-free position with the elevation of the feet above the heart level.
- Memory Preset Position (2 Sets): Two different memory settings can be stored according to your personal preferences.
- One Touch Flat Preset button: Simply press this button to return the base to a flat position.
- Head and Foot Massage (3 Levels): The massage intensity can be adjusted in 3 levels.
- Interchangeable Leg Options (4 Options): 4 legs are available from 0” to 8“ in height for a perfect fit.
- Four USB Ports: Allow you to charge your devices conveniently.
  Single   97 cm x 203 cm
  Available exclusively at Simmons Shops.
  All prices and specifications are subject to update without prior notice.
  Double size can be formed by combining two single sizes.