Alfa 520

Chic & functional


Reclining Mechanism
Reclining Mechanism

Every Fjords® Recliner has a back reclining adjustable lock, which can lock your ideal reclining angle, letting you doze off with total peace of mind.

Active Release System™ Active Release System™

A unique built-in mechanism automatically gives you the best head and back support. If you wish, you can make further adjustments with a simple flick of your hand to achieve an optimal sitting position.

Height Adjustable Headrest Height Adjustable Headrest

Choosing the right comfort function is basically about achieving the best individual sitting experience. Once you've made your choice, just lean back, you are in the most comfortable resting position, and enjoy life.

Stylish C-Base & 360° Swivel 360° Swivel

Fjords® Chairs come with a base that complements your tasteful home interior. The base's 360 swinging angle adds more perfection and convenience.

Foot Stool

Foot Stool

Every Fjords® Chair comes with a foot stool for comfortable leg support.


Made in Thailand

Width: 76 cm
Height: 99 cm
Length: 86 cm
Sitting Height: 45 cm
Sitting Depth: 49 cm
Sitting Width: 51 cm
Arm Height: 56 cm

Width: 83 cm
Height: 104 cm
Length: 83 cm
Sitting Height: 46 cm
Sitting Depth: 51 cm
Sitting Width: 56 cm
Arm Height: 56 cm


Width: 50 cm
Height: 42 cm
Length: 40 cm