Adjustable Bed


The warranty of Simmons® adjustable bed only covers product defects which are of structural and manufacturing nature on mattress, main computer and remote control. The warranty period of mattress is 3 years, both main computer and remote control is 1 year.

Within the warranty period, Simmons® will repair or replace your defective Simmons® adjustable bed with no charge, exclusive of transportation cost.

After the warranty period, all the requests for inspection, repairing and exchange on parts will be charged subject to quotation.

How to get Simmons® Warranty Service?
  1.  Keep the sales invoice issued by SIMMONS® or authorized dealer with the original copy of warranty letter.
  2.  Call our Customer Service Hotline on (852) 2378 4848 when service is needed.
  3.  Present the invoice, warranty letter to our Service Personnel at the time of service.

What is excluded from our limited Warranty?
  • The base, wire and plug.
  • Mattress that is soiled, burnt, stained or has received obvious abuse or improper care.
  • Normal body impression of 38mm (1.5 inch) or less.
  • Firmness preference of the product.
  • Cover (Fabric) and parts of Mattress and Bed base
  • Product shipped out of the region of purchase.

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